PGP offers inline UV-cured Drop on Demand inkjet printing with fulfillment solutions. This technology delivers a crisp print quality with no visible stitching lines, giving the ideal foundation for late stage product customization and personalization
The thermal printing process results in a flat printed finish on the card. Text, barcodes and small graphics can be printed on to the card in this way. A number of colours are available.
The embossing process punches characters through the back of the card, which results in a raised finish on the front. Text and numbers can be embossed on to a card, and the raised characters can be tipped in a number of colours including black, silver or gold.
The inkjet printing process results in a flat printed finish on the card, as per thermal printing. However, this process runs at a much higher speed than the thermal process and is therefore more suitable for high volumes where lower print resolution for the personalization is acceptable (such as top-up or scratchcards).
This makes it extremely easy for people to store contact information as it can be read by a camera phone with freely downloadable software. The QR code is a small square matrix code that can store large amounts of information. It contains all the standard CARDS information, but can also store photographs, business logos, website URLs, directions and other data
Laser engraving is the safest card personalization technology as it cannot be erased. The data will be burnt with laser onto the various layers of the card. Laser engraving is used in the personalisation of documents (ID-cards, driver’s license etc) and debit cards.
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