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PGP Group Ltd. Announces the Completion of the Strategic Acquisition of Xinkaiwei Smart Card Ltd.

DONGGUAN, CHINA — October 12, 2023 — PGP Group Ltd., a leading card manufacturer company, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its strategic acquisition of Xinkaiwei Smart Card Ltd., a wood card manufacturer based in Dongguan, China, following an extensive negotiation process. This acquisition, which became effective on September 1, 2023, represents a significant milestone in PGP Group Ltd.'s growth strategy, strengthening its position in the industry.

The acquisition of Xinkaiwei Smart Card Ltd. aligns with PGP Group Ltd. commitment to expanding its portfolio, enhancing its capabilities, and delivering even greater value to its customers. This strategic acquisition is motivated by our commitment to diversify our product portfolio into sustainable and eco-friendly solutions by harnessing the synergies and strengths of both organizations.

Yours Sincerely,

Gildo Ciccopiedi

CEO & Founder

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Press Release Strategic Acquisition PGP Group Ltd 2023


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