Plastic card size reduction. Using the unusual format of small size, can profitably be used as a promotional card in the form of trinkets.

When marking and coding of the bar code can be used in different business areas: insurance cards, loyalty cards, gasoline cards,
The XX format is instantly recognizable, is a high impact card. The XXL card is the professional's choice for ticketing and accreditation purposes, where oversize cards are preferential, these oversized passes are easily noticed from distance and ensure availability for individual and generic information, including logos, graphics, advertising, extra large photographs, sporting rules or maps.
Your own custom shape or size can be used to create a special custom die to cut out your plastic card making your card truly unique in your market. Not only can the shape of the outside of the card be customized but also holes and slots can be included in your custom creation. Add to this custom shape world class full color printing process and any of the other options available for your card.
We customized holes and slots in your cards. Customers find this useful when the plastic cards need to be hung up, they use them as badges & use a clip to allow them to be attached to clothes.
We provide several configurations of combo card key tags. They are very popular for uses in Club, Fundraising, Restaurants, Spa, Automobile, Library, etc. Each combo set contains a membership card with an attached key tag (or tags). The combo set is convenient because it offers customers the option of a space saving key tag or the ease of use associated with a wallet card. Your customers carry your custom printed card or key tag that helps advertise your business ,while giving customer relations
Your customer will be glad to have this combination of 2 key tags. Most economical combination of card and key tag with no webbing makes for easy separation of key tag from card.
Special Shapes
Do you want a card that will stand out from all the rest? Something unique that will stick in your clients mind? Then why not enquire about your own custom shaped plastic card. Whether it is a business card, security pass, membership card or promotional card you can add a little something special by changing the size and shape of your card.
Promote your business on the go with quality, customized plastic luggage tags and key tags from PGP GROUP. Our printed tags for carry-on or checked bags are perfect for airline travel or a business promotional involving promo luggage tags.
CR-100 cards are larger than the standard CR-80 ID cards. These cards are seen much less frequently but are commonly used for military applications and for ID cards at conventions. ID-7 card dimensions are the standard size for passports. All ID card dimensions, large or small, are set and regulated by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO.
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