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Wooden Hotel


Sustainable Hotel Key Cards crafted from FSC Certified Wood and equipped with your choice of RFID Chip, NFC Chip, or Magnetic Stripe. Our cards are designed to be compatible with all hotel door locking systems.


Enjoy competitive pricing and fast shipping directly from the manufacturer with over 20 years of industry experience. Sold in 90+ countries, rigorous control, premium materials and short lead times.

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We'll respond within 24 hours via email.

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FSC Certified Wood

Our wooden cards are all FSC certified, meeting strict sustainability standards based on environmental, social, and economic criteria.

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Directly from Manufacturer

Fully Owned Production Plant located in Dongguan, China, with a monthly production capacity of 10 million laminated cards.

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Fast Shipment Delivery

Our rapid shipment delivery sets us apart, ensuring your orders are swiftly delivered on time.

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Hotel Lock Compatibility

Our wooden cards can be encoded to be compatible with all the hotel door locking systems available in the market.

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